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Foundation Stage Progress Tracker ( Focus Education Publishing )

Foundation Stage Progress Tracker
Foundation Stage Progress Tracker is a PC/Mac application designed to aid teachers in tracking the progress of Reception aged children on entry, and as they move through the Foundation Stage of Learning. The program has been designed to be extremely easy for staff to use.

Once a class has been populated with pupils, the program helps the user identify the entry point and the individual profile of each child, using a contextual system which looks at age, ability and social circumstances. Based on the entered information, the program then works out expected progress of the child and in doing so it provides an automatic reporting system for parents and a target setter for each child. Further to this, a progress accumulator report for the whole class can be printed.

Demo and full version available from Focus Education Publishing

NHS Improvement Plan ( Pyxis Medical Communications )

NHS Improvement Plan
Presentation created using Macromedia Director. Pyxis commissioned us to develop a presentation for their client, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Due to the non-linear nature of the material to be delivered, the presentation could not be created using Microsoft PowerPoint, and it was for this reason Pyxis approached us to create the presentation using a more powerful authoring tool.

NASGP Database ( National Association of Sessional GPs )

NASGP Database
The NASGP wanted to port their members database from Access to a more scalable online system. We recreated the existing database structure using MySQL. The query, form, report and macro functionality was recreated with HTML, ASP and JavaScript. The database and a new login system were integrated into the NASGP website so that members could register, renew and update their details online. This commission included integration with the NOCHEX payment system.

Target Setter ( Focus Education Publishing )

Target Setter
Target Setter is a quick and easy program that works on any PC. You can set up individual records for each member of a class by simply choosing from a list of ‘child friendly’ targets or creating your own. You can view and print reports for each pupil, a whole class or a whole school. This software saves hours of unnessary paperwork and is simple to use.

Buy Target Setter: Numeracy from Focus Education Publishing
Buy Target Setter: Reading from Focus Education Publishing
Buy Target Setter: Writing from Focus Education Publishing

Cybarco screensaver ( Cybarco )

Cybarco screensaver

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